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WHAT TO EXPECT From the moment you purchase your Studio Box to the moment it arrives at your front door, you can be assured to receive the same great service, inspired design, and quality achieved by working with the design professionals at Kamarron Design.

As a branch of Kamarron Design, Kamarron Studio offers clients a space-by-space approach to the design of their home at a reasonable price. Receiving a studio box of your own is as simple as filing out your information under Your Role and purchasing the studio box package of your choosing!

When filling out your information, you are able to decide which rooms to start with, what your budget is, and the desired style of your new room(s).

We create a personalized design for your space(s) using inspirational images, color preference and design goals, provided by you and ship it right to your door in a convenient easy to use Studio Box.

Once you open your Studio Box at home, you will discover a complete design detail book with furniture, accessories, fabrics, and finishes selected specifically for your space(s).

For your furniture selections in the Studio Signature package, you have the option to purchase the selections through Kamarron Design for an additional fee or you can purchase them from a retail store on your own. If you would like to purchase your items through Kamarron Design, you can contact us at customerservice@kamarrondesign.com.

Our goal is to give you a complete design and direction for your space. If you would like to go further and have the designers at Kamarron Design implement your new design, these services and more are available for an additional fee.

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WHY STUDIO We understand that sometimes redesigning your home can be a large undertaking, thats why we are here to help you through the process.

Our Studio services provide you with a personalized approach to the design of your home by redesigning the space(s) of your choosing for a flat fee per space.

This process allows you to seek our Kamarron Design’s professional assistance and receive a unique design for your space(s). You have the ability to setup your own timeline and budget upfront.

You have the option to set up an initial meet and greet meeting with a designer from Kamarron Design if you would like to discuss your design face-to-face

There are additional add on items to provide a unique design experience Decorating Services in Minneapolis

For more information, see Packages + Pricing.